Credentialing Services for Health Plans

Credentialing and contracting are separate processes that must be completed before new providers can begin offering services to health plan members. A provider may be joining your network primarily due to pressure from their patients. The lag time inherent in the onboarding process can cause friction. In-house health plan credentialing departments are under pressure to complete their work quickly, particularly when new groups decide to join right before open enrollment periods.


VantagePoint can help alleviate the pressure by partnering with your network contracting and internal credentialing teams. We offer complete, partial, and intermittent 'surge' NCQA-certified credentialing and primary source verification solutions.

The Complete Solution

  • End-to-end services, from application gathering to primary source verification to ongoing sanctions monitoring
  • Leverages our human capital and systems to achieve a seamless experience for your contracted providers
  • Account manager assigned as primary point of contact, eliminating the hassle of multiple touch points

Partial Solutions

  • Primary Source Verification (PSV) is tedious and time-consuming. Let us take that on to make your internal staff more efficient.
  • Delegate re-credentialing and ongoing monitoring to us.
  • Any combination of services we offer can be customized into a solution right for you.

Intermittent Services

  • Surge support from our experienced credentialing specialists during your busiest contacting periods, before open enrollment or with large groups
  • Special projects and consulting

VantagePoint HealthCare Advisors is fully Certified by NCQA for 10 out of 10 verification services and meets NCQA’s credentialing standards for health plans. Achieving CVO certification from NCQA demonstrates that  VantagePoint has the systems, process and personnel in place to thoroughly and accurately verify providers' credentials and help health plan clients meet their accreditation goals.

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